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Field 3 – Yawnef Field


Fenway Park is one of the most famous and recognizable ballparks in the history of baseball. Since opening day in 1912, right handed hitters have been tested by the 37′ green monster, while lefties have been hugging the right field line in the attempt to sneak a ball by Pesky Pole.

Field 3 was designed to allow lefties and righties the opportunity to experience what the other has been dealing with for so many years. This properly named, “Yawnef” Field is a scaled down replica of a reverse Fenway Park. While the front of the green monster gives the players the ability to leave a ball dent for the ages, the back hosts an arcade for all to enjoy before, during and after games.

Yawnef Field accommodates ages 9-12 and slow-pitch softball. The Right field line is 208′ with a 25′ fence. The Left field line is 200′ at Pesky Pole and then runs out to 240′ at the corner with a 6′ high fence. Dead Center is 275′ from home plate with an 8′ high fence.

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