Cypress Mounds Baseball Complex
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Field 2 – Wings Field


Field 2 was designed to include elements from two of the most significant ballparks in the history of baseball: Wrigley Field and The Polo Grounds.

Left and Right field and the power alleys welcome teams to the “friendly confines” of Wrigley Field. The tucked in wings of Left and Right field will surely test the skill of the outfielders.

The Polo Grounds (III & IV) was originally built as a polo field before becoming the home of New York Baseball from 1890 till 1957 (New York Mets played 1962-1963). The most recognizable landmark of the Polo Grounds was the Center field pocket, which ranged from 430′ to 505′ throughout the years. The deep centerfield pocket on Field 2 invites players to duplicate “the catch” made by Willie Mays in Game 1 of the 1954 World Series or to join Luke Easter (1948), Joe Adcock (1953), Hank Aaron (1962) and Lou Brock (1962) as one of the only players in the history of baseball to hit a homerun to deep Center field.

Wings Field was designed as a ballpark which would test even the best of outfielders while catering to both power and contact hitters. This field accommodates ages 9-12 and slow-pitch softball. The Right and Left field lines are 225′ with 6′ high fence while Dead Center is 250′ with 8′ high fence.

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