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Field 6 – Signature Field









Field 6 is the Signature Field at Cypress Mounds. A right handed Barry Bonds may feel quite comfortable in this park, as the dimensions are similar to a reverse AT&T Park, with a few custom features. While hitters will not be splashing into McCovey Cove, they will have to top an elevated 16′ wall down the Left field line which protects a set of four batting cages that reside behind it. The angle in Right Center field will create a greater need for the Center fielder and Right fielder to back each other up on any ball hit into this area. While not a massive field, Field 6 will keep most balls in play while keeping outfielders honest in their positioning and play.

The Signature Field accommodates ages 13-Adult. The Right field line is 307′ with an 8′ high fence. The Left field line is 300′ with a 16′ high fence. Dead Center is 365′ from home plate with a 10′ high fence.

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