Cypress Mounds Baseball Complex
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Field 4









Field 4’s unique outfield fence creates a totally different playing condition for each outfielder. The Left field fence offers a straight path which allows all balls to bounce true, yet creates a large space where the Left and Center fielders will need to communicate and cover each other through the gap. The Center field fence features a corner that allows a ball that is hit to Dead Center field to bounce routinely off a wall or carom into Left field, depending on how deep the ball is hit. The Right fielder must deal with a deep pocket that begins at the power alley before the fence moves back in towards Center Field. Water borders Field 4 from Left Center field to Right Center field and gives those hitters with power an opportunity to put one in the pond.

Field 4 accommodates ages 11-14 and slow pitch softball. The Right field line is 250′ with a 6′ high fence. The Left field line is 243′ with a 6′ high fence. Dead Center is 322′ with an 8′ high fence.

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