Cypress Mounds Baseball Complex
For Weather & Information, Call: 225-448-5228


Cypress Mounds features the following:

  • 8 uniquely designed baseball/slow-pitch softball fields with natural turf
  • Bullpen areas outside the fence area for each field
  • Covered and fully netted batting cages
  • 1 Miracle League Field that is handicap accessible for kids with disabilities
  • Patented full-size Ripken practice infield with artificial turf
  • Children’s playground and arcade
  • Covered viewing areas for fans
  • Entry pavilion for check-in and general information
  • Merchandise and pro shop
  • First-aid room
  • Concession stand building
  • Air Conditioned clubhouse with full menu and free wi-fi

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1430 Gardere Lane
Baton Rouge, LA 70820